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Water Line Repair

Do you have old, deteriorating, or leaking water lines? If so, we specialize in affordable high-quality water line repairs and service. At Sacramento Plumbing Solutions we replace old pipes, install new water lines, and repair water leaks caused by root intrusion. When you need water line repair, we are the go-to plumbing company in Sacramento California, and beyond.

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What Causes Water Line Leaks?

Water line leaks are caused by the following:

Low water pressure
Frozen pipes
Burst pipes
Noisy pipes

When you need help with low water pressure, corroded water pipes, or line repair, we can help! Unlike many plumbers, we offer low-cost and comprehensive multi-point line inspections. A leaking water line could also lead to longer wait times for hot water, which is a big waste of water for California residents. 

Main Water Line Repair

The main water line is the primary pipe that delivers water to your building. Over time, cracks and holes develop in the water main over time which causes corrosion and frost. When a leak is detected in your main water line, it’s important to repair the damage as soon as possible to avoid any permanent damage to the building and or residential property.

At Sacramento Plumbing Solutions we have decades of water line repair experience, our business follows all industry standards and we provide plumbing services that other companies avoid. Our team of water line repair experts is certified, fully licensed, and retrained annually to detect leaks, repair water lines, and maintain your water main.

Water Line Replacement Service

Do you need a water main replacement? If you have a substantial water leak or see pooling, the answer is yes. Water lines are pressurized which means every second you delay a replacement you are losing money. As your water line ages, it is susceptible to ground movement, mineral build-up, root encroachment, and corrosion.

At Sacramento Plumbing Solutions we offer low-cost water line replacement and main line plumbing services. We can install your new line with minimal disruption by conducting a trenchless water line installation or by pipe pulling.

When pipe repairs are not enough, we can help. Let us help you replace your water line today. Call us to schedule your appointment, or to get more information about trenchless pipe replacement and our pipe pulling techniques.

Water Line Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular water line maintenance can prolong your plumbing system’s life, prevent leaks, and avoid expensive repairs.

You can help maintain your plumbing system by doing the following:

  • Install sodium softener (if you have hard water)
  • Avoid chemical-based drain cleaners – use salt and boiling water
  • Winterize your pipes
  • Keep sewer lines clean bi-annually
  • Schedule annual pipe inspections

Our annual water line cleaning and maintenance services include:

  • Mainline pressure testing
  • Pipe fitting inspection
  • Leak detection
  • Winterization recommendations
  • Camera inspection
  • Lateral line cleaning

We help you maintain your water lines by cleaning and inspecting them regularly. If you have old pipes, we can help you increase their lifespan with routine sewer cleaning and maintenance.