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Toilet Repair and Installation

At Sacramento Plumbing Solutions, we are toilet repair and installation experts. When your porcelain throne takes a dump, let us help you get a new toilet installed.

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Common toilet issues we fix

We fix all kinds of toilet issues and we save money every time we provide a toilet-related service or complete a plumbing-related job. Our professionally certified toilet experts have decades of combined experience and we always provide exceptional customer service.

It may be time to consider a toilet replacement if you have any of the following toilet related issues:

Leaking toilets
The toilet whistles when the tank is filling
Cracked toilet tank
The toilet takes too long to fill the tank
Single flushes no longer clear the waste

Remember, natural gas lines are not part of your toilet plumbing system, but sewer gas itself can be hazardous if present when removing the bowl and tank. Extended exposure to sewer gas that contains esters, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides can be harmful to your respiratory system.

Toilet Installation Services

Our toilet installations service is unrivaled. If you have a weak flush or need constant repairs, a new toilet may be your best option to avoid wasting money. Constant repairs add up and are a true sign of wear, old age, or a larger problem. If you have to service or repair the same toilet more than two times a year, replacing is likely going to solve further problems from occurring. We have the right tools to execute a professional toilet install and we replace the wax ring every time. We offer no-charge warranties against leaks and faulty parts.

Contact us for your toilet installation service quote today.

Traditional home toilets

Traditional home toilets come in many different shapes and sizes with a variety of flush capabilities. We also have a vast selection of padded, unpadded, and soft-close toilet seats/lids to choose from. No other plumbing company in Sacramento has a larger – more quality selection of porcelain thrones than Sacramento Plumbing Solutions.

Let us help you determine if a 2″ or 3″ flush valve drain opening is more ideal for your specific needs. Additionally, we will help you determine whether or not a standard 1.6-gallon per flush is optimal or if you require a little more volume to clear the waste in your bowl. Remember, if you still own an older toilet, you could be wasting water too. Older toilets are less efficient because they use 3.5 gallons per flush (or more) which is 50% less efficient than newer models.

Our toilet consultation services are comprehensive and free. This means we help you get the job done in a cost-effective manner and educate you during the process.

High efficiency toilets (low flow)

Current plumbing standards for high-efficiency toilets require a low-flow unit to use 1.6 gallons per flush (or less). Some high-efficiency models use as little as 1.28 gallons per flush which will significantly reduce your water costs if you operate a commercial facility with multiple urinals, toilets, or faculty lavatories.

In both commercial and residential settings, a low flow unit will dramatically reduce the amount of wasted water accumulating in your septic system. The downside might mean waste is less likely to drain completely on the first flush. Always consult with a plumbing professional at Sacramento Plumbing Solutions before you complete any plumbing services or opt for a new toilet install.

Commercial toilets and restrooms

The biggest difference between residential and commercial toilets is that commercial toilets are mostly tankless. Traditional residential toilets draw H2O and waste from the bowl by using an upside-down U-shaped siphon tube and gravity from water pressure to drain. With commercial toilets, the aqua is delivered from a larger diameter H2O supply line. Most residential lines simply do not have enough water pressure to flush a commercial toilet, which could mean you will need a new water supply line installed if you are considering a tankless commercial style toilet in your residence when remodeling.

We are the go-to resource for commercial toilets and restroom plumbing services. We have been replacing toilets in restrooms for businesses and corporate office spaces for over a decade. Call us first when you have commercial toilet needs or want a free repair quote after another plumber causes unnecessary problems. We correct mistakes often left behind by other plumbers and we take pride in every project. We won’t leave the job until your leak is fixed, your toilet is flushed and your business can operate like normal.


Bidets are a specialized lavatory fixture used for washing your unmentionables. These special little plumbing gadgets are the preferred way that people around the world clean up after relieving themselves in the restroom. Bidets spray a perfectly targeted stream of h2O directly to your undercarriage – or where you need it. This handy washroom tool cleans up even the worst messes easily and gently.

Traditionally bidets are a separate porcelain fixture that awkwardly stares at you and is situated near the toilet. You can also purchase a bidet that is built into your toilet seat, a dual temperature version, or a luxury model that has a ton of fantastic features.

Are you ready to request a bidet in your home? Homeowners call us when they want the right price, skilled technicians, and when they notice their private parts are less than immaculate after wiping alone.

Replacement Toilets & Urinals

Find out how long a toilet lasts and signs you need to replace it. A toilet repair or replacement may be in order if any of the following symptoms apply:

  • Your tub and sink gurgle when you flush
  • The toilet has a weak flush or doesn’t work correctly
  • Your toilet takes a very long time to flush
  • You hear a dripping noise after flushing
  • You have a really old toilet
  • You spend a lot on smaller toilet repairs
  • You have a leaky toilet
  • Your tank takes too long to fill

Our professional plumbers provide residential toilet repairs and commercial plumbing service all throughout Sacramento California. If you live in Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova, Citrus Heights, or anywhere else in Sacramento Ca, we can help. We flush away worries with every new replacement toilet or new toilet installation.