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Do you need a plumber in Citrus Heights CA? If so, Sacramento Plumbing Solutions provides competitively priced residential and industrial plumbing services all across Sacramento. Our professional licensed plumbers can quote your drain cleaning, plumbing repair job, tankless water heater installation, and more.

We are the preferred 24-hour plumbing service and installation business in Citrus Heights CA.

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Plumbers in Citrus Heights CA

Throughout the last decade, our plumbers have helped countless customers all throughout Citrus Heights. When it comes to finding plumbing help, Sacramento Plumbing Solutions is your reliable option. We have the highest reviews, we are family-owned, and always employ professionals. We provide high-quality work, we are local and our team treats clients like they are part of our family.

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We Offer Comprehensive Plumbing Services

Are you looking for plumbing installation, plumbing service, plumbing repair, or free plumbing advice?

If so, we offer warranties for all of the services below:

Fixture replacement


Sewer line repair

Performing a running test on drains and other plumbing fixtures

Drain cleaning

Toilet replacement

Commercial plumbing

Emergency Plumbing Repairs

An unexpected disaster can disrupt your business and family routines. We can relieve your stress with a variety of emergency plumbing services. We can repair a leak, unclog your drains, or replace your pipes 24 hours a day. Nobody beats our price per project plus we are trained and certified.

Call (916) 275-4716 for your free quote today.

Sewer & Drain Maintenance

To minimize the wear on your sewer drains, always dispose of grease properly, go easy on your garbage disposal and take care of clogs quickly. Also, if you want to maintain the functionality of your drains, call us routinely to inspect all pipes and observe changes in your plumbing landscape.

Water Heater Repair

Does your water heater have pooling at the base? Is your water pressure inconsistent or fluctuating in temp? If so, these are common issues caused by faulty water heaters. If you are experiencing symptoms like these at your property, you could have a water heater leak, or worse.

Request an inspection, and let our plumber find the repair and provide you with the right service for the job.

Sprinkler System Installation

We provide sprinkler installation services! We have the background needed to omsta;; and professionally maintain any type of sprinkler network including residential and agricultural/topographical.

We can install any of the following sprinkler heads:

  • Rotor heads
  • Fixed/radial spray heads
  • Spray heads with rotary head combo
  • Micro or drip irrigation for ground covers

Gas Line Repair

Do you smell rotten eggs? Is your gas bill higher than usual? If so, you could have a gas leak. Old gas pipes and fixtures are likely to fail over time. Pay attention, because CH4 can be toxic and very dangerous. Repairing gas lines is serious and needs to be done by a licensed professional immediately.

Let us inspect your gas lines for free.


Hydro Jetting is a non-invasive plumbing service that helps clear piping by blasting blockages. This service should only be performed by insured and trained contractors like the ones at Sacramento Plumbing Solutions.

We offer free estimates that help determine if hydro jetting is ideal.

Family-Owned Plumbing Company in Citrus Heights

We are Citrus Heights’ most reputable plumbing service provider. We offer low-cost toilet installation, pipe replacement, drain cleaning, and efficient plumbing services. Additionally, we have the appropriate license, trustworthy pricing, honest ratings and are available at any hour of the day.

Request a Free Plumbing Estimate

Request a free plumbing estimate! We assess your current plumbing and evaluate hazards that may be looming.

Free estimates include at least the following:

  • Inspecting exposed supply lines
  • Drain/fixture testing
  • Inspecting H2O tank for leaks/corrosion
  • Inspecting all piping
  • Emergency shut off valve inspection

Our Service Area

Our installation service area is continuously growing! We provide plumbing service in Citrus Heights, Elk Ridge, Folsom, and all throughout the 916. We are the preferred plumbing company the greater Sacramento area.

Contact our licensed plumber by phone or filling out our contact form or calling today to schedule your appointment fast.