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Sewer & Drain Cleaning & Repair

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions provides sewer line service, drain line inspections, and repairs. Our plumbing company has been providing professional drain cleaning and clogged sewer line repair in Sacramento for more than 10 years.

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Sewer, Drain Cleaning & Repair Services

Some of the sewer related plumbing services we provide are below:

Sewer line repair

Main Sewer line replacement

Sewer line cleaning

Sewer bursting


Sewer digging

Sewer line breaks

Line bellies

Our drain cleaning professionals collaborate with you to find optimal solutions that fit your budget and needs. Sacramento Plumbing Solutions utilizes the latest technologies and products to keep your systems in optimal condition, plus our services are comprehensive and consistent.

We also provide drain cleaning services to Roseville and Folsom customers.

Drain Cleaning Service

Do you need drain cleaning services? If so we have the drain cleaning equipment and expertise you are looking for. Our professional plumbers have unclogged sewage drains, shower drains, storm drains, and more. Sacramento Plumbing Solutions uses camera inspection equipment to detect chemical deposits, damaged drain lines, clogged pipes, and other drain problems that could be causing your clogged drain.

We provide drain cleaning services, toilet backflow inspections, hydro jetting, and drain water pressure testing solutions for the following:

  • Residential homeowners
  • Commercial contractors
  • Real estate developers
  • Small businesses
  • Government entities

Our plumbing experts have all the tools to clean stopped-up sinks and drainage lines.

Give us a call to schedule your drain cleaning service today.

Sewer Line Service

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions offers a full range of sewage system services, including main sewage pipe repair, line replacement, no dig pipe restoration, and sewage cleaning. If you need a sewage pipe repair, it’s critical to get professional help to repair or replace your sewage lines as soon as possible to avoid damage.

Some of the types of sewer services we provide are below:

  • Broken pipe repair
  • Unclogging sewage blockages
  • Replacing copper pipes
  • Sewage line inspections

We can also inspect and fix sewer lines clogged by tree roots, which is a common problem in older houses with trees in their backyard.

How We Fix a Clogged Drain

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions provides multi-point annual plumbing inspections to prevent clogs damage and costly repairs. We do a lot more than mix baking soda, vinegar, and hot water to fix a clogged drain. We deploy camera inspection equipment to assess the clog then determine if we’ll need to rooter, auger, or snake our way into the furthest parts of the drain system.

If your drain clogs unexpectedly we can usually resolve the issue with a single service call.

Repiping FAQs

How often should a sewer line be cleaned?

Sacramento drain cleaning experts recommend cleaning your sewage system at least every 18 months to prevent unsanitary water from flooding and other catastrophic damages. Clean lines last longer, drain consistently and prevent water damage.

Why does my house smell like sewer?

Leaks from rotted sewer pipes, cracked drain lines, a clogged drain, or a stopped-up vent pipe may be the source of your sewage odor. Sewage gas isn’t usually toxic at low levels. However, continual exposure, or higher doses of exposure, may cause symptoms of sewer gas poisoning. If you smell sewage, call a plumbing and drain professional like Sacramento Plumbing Solutions.

How much does it cost to clean out a drain?

The average cost to clean a drain varies on the type of blockage and where it is located. Clogged toilets and bathroom drains for example are simple and are typically unclogged for less than $200. Some clogs are more substantial, require repair materials, are far below the ground or behind the wall. These are some elements that could increase the cost to clean out a drain.

How much does it cost to jet a sewer line?

Removing a difficult blockage from a sewage pipe costs the average American homeowner between $100 to $900 dollars. The average cost to hydro jet a clogged sewer ranges from $350 to $600. If a problem is severe, the cost of hydro jetting could be $1,000 or higher.