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Sewer Camera Inspection in Sacramento

If you suspect a clog or have sewer line damage, plumbing camera inspection service will identify the cause and exact location of the issue. When you’re having problems with your sewer pipes or septic line, request a camera or video inspection from Sacramento Plumbing Solutions.

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Sacramento Plumbing Camera Inspections

Our team of expert plumbers has the state-of-the-art equipment needed to diagnose your sewer system and the training to resolve septic line-related problems.

We offer sewer line camera inspections for both residential and commercial pipes. Each sewer line inspection allows us to effectively diagnose and treat problems in your sewer line without digging.

When you need sewer line inspections in Sacramento county, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, and beyond. we can help. Let us help you with your drain today. Schedule your sewer camera inspection 24 hours 6 days a week.

What is a sewer video inspection?

At Sacramento Plumbing Solutions we use a fiber-optic video camera that is attached to a long, flexible cable, to snake our way into the deepest parts of your plumbing network to visually assess potential plumbing issues. A sewer inspection provides our service technicians with a high-resolution visualization of the interior of your pipes.

Unlike most plumbing companies, we have longer fiber optic cables that can be extended as far as several hundred feet down your pipes during a real-time visual inspection. If you’re searching for a drain camera inspection near me, look no further than Sacramento Plumbing.

Sewer inspections and video inspections are useful if you have invasive tree roots, sewer lines that are buried under your foundation, or hard-to-reach damaged pipes.

Avoid digging and let us help with your Camera inspections today. We know how to avoid disruption to surrounding areas and we can address major issues.

What does a sewer scope show?

A sewer scope will show the overall condition of your sewer line from home to the main sewer pipe in the street.

During a sewer line inspection, we look for the following:


    Slow drains


    Failed repairs

    Root intrusion

    Lateral sewer pipe malfunctions

    Searching for a sewer camera inspection near me? We perform sewer line inspections in Rancho Cordova, Sacramento CA, and far beyond. Schedule your free consultation virtually or in-person today.

    Reasons You Might Need a Sewer Line Video Inspection

    If your sewer clog or leak is below or behind the wall, a plumbing camera inspection service is the most cost-effective solution to locate your plumbing problems. If your home is over 40 years old and you live in Sacramento CA or Citrus Heights, call us to inspect your sewage line today.

    Our plumbers use sewer line video to determine the following:

    • Pipe material type
    • Evaluate Structural integrity
    • Determine system age
    • Identify blockages
    • Leak inspections


    Our Sewer Camera Inspection Service

    We provide a multi-point camera inspection service that gives you a close-up visual of what is happening beneath your house and behind the walls. If you have a clogged drain, need pipe replacement, or have problems with your toilet draining, we can help. When you need a correct camera inspection service inspection in Sacramento we have a plumber to walk you through the process.

    During our visual exploration process we evaluate your plumbing in real-time to determine if any of the following is occurring:


    • Underground blockage
    • Offset joints
    • Recessed traps
    • Root infiltration lateral imbalances
    • New construction plumbing failure

    Save Time & Money with a Video Sewer Inspection

    Performing a video camera inspection provides an exact diagnosis of your pipeline problems. This visual aid eliminates guesswork, which will also save you valuable time, money, and other unnecessary digging expenses. Let our company address potential problems and repairs before they cause bigger more expensive issues. We use camera inspection technology for homeowners all throughout Sacramento.

    We Inspect Sewer Lines on Residential & Commercial Properties

    As part of our commercial and residential sewage drain system analysis, we follow the four-stage process below:

    1. Locate the cleanout port or create an insertion point
    2. Camera insertion and video testing
    3. Visual sewage line exploitation
    4. CCTV evaluation in real-time

    Call us to schedule a plumbing camera inspection today! 

    Camera Inspection FAQs

    How much does a plumbing camera inspection cost?

    The national average for a plumbing camera inspection is $685. A typical range is $250 to $1,175. Depending on the circumstances and the severity of your plumbing issue a sewer line inspection can cost as little as $100 or, upwards of $2,650.

    What can camera in sewer show?

    Using a camera in your sewer will show if you have grease blockages, collapsed sewage lines, line corrosion, a clogged drain or toilet, and more. Visually inspecting with a camera in your sewage network will also help you identify poor installation methods, old plumbing components, and excessive mineral deposits that could cause blockage or worse, line bellies.