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Sprinkler System Installation & Repair

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions specializes in residential and commercial sprinkler system installation and repair. Our irrigation system specialists have decades of combined experience and we carry only the best hand-picked sprinkler heads. If you need a new sprinkler system, a lush lawn, or just want to save water, we can help!

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Sprinkler Installation Services

Give us a call if you need any of the following sprinkler install or repair services:

Sprinkler head replacement

Brand new system install

Repairs and replacements for old drip lines

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions has a proven record of irrigation excellence. Our irrigation specialists only install the very best materials and we pridefully deliver exceptional customer service every time. Our proven installation methods ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship and we always remember to provide the best possible customer experience.

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Do you want a smart controller or Wi-Fi smart sprinkler installation? If so, we have successfully installed countless eco-friendly smart systems in the Sacramento area. Some of the benefits of installing a smart sprinkler system are below:

  • Saves money
  • Wireless monitoring and control via app
  • Avoids excessive runoff to shared water supplies

We implement a mindful installation method that results in the least obtrusive outcome in all applications. Let us install and monitor your wifi sprinkler network today.

Schedule your appointment now, and receive a hassle-free consultation at your convenience.

We Can Repair Your Existing Sprinkler System

Does your existing sprinkler system have a leaking steel pipe, faulty drip line, or root intrusion problem? If so we can easily repair your current sprinkler system. Sacramento Plumbing Solutions can help if you need any of the following repair services:

  • Spray head replacement
  • Drip Line inspection

Aside from minimizing your water waste, there are numerous benefits to repairing and/or maintaining an old sprinkler network. Let us help you weigh your options and recommend the right sprinkler repair service today. We can also winterize your sprinkler system each year before the cold weather hits, to prevent expensive replacements due to freezing.

Why hire a professional plumber for your sprinkler system?

Hiring a qualified plumber from Sacramento Plumbing Solutions will save time, money, and precious energy. Our sprinkler install professionals are highly trained and are recertified annually. We specialize in water conservation, non-invasive applications, as well as optimizing public safety and comfort.

Sprinkler System FAQs

How much does it cost to install a water sprinkler system?

The cost to install water sprinklers can fluctuate based on the types of material and complexity of the application. The national install average is $2,539 for a professional sprinkler system. Larger areas require more material and coverage, therefore, tend to be more expensive.

How much does it cost to repair a sprinkler system?

The cost of repairing a sprinkler system depends on the severity of the damage or malfunction. On average a simple sprinkler repair ranges from $135 to $410. Maintaining your system will lower the cost of repair significantly because you can fix smaller problems that may cause more expensive repairs down the road.