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When you need a plumber in Sacramento CA, call Sacramento Plumbing Solutions. We provide expert commercial and residential plumbing services in Rancho Cordova, Granite Bay, Fair Oaks, and many other cities all throughout California.

We are family-owned and operated plus we offer 24-hour plumbing services.

Free Plumbing Estimate

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Free Home Plumbing Estimates

While performing our free plumbing estimate, we do not take apart plumbing or faucet fixtures. The main purpose of our visual plumbing inspection is to make sure there are no leaks or any other visible plumbing problems. As part of our service call, we thoroughly inspect your entire house and/or commercial establishment. This includes a visual assessment of your toilet, shower, entire sewer line, drains, and previously completed plumbing repairs.

Are you looking for professional service in Sacramento California? Our standard no-cost home inspection includes the following:

Checking the exposed hot and cold water supply lines

Checking the emergency shut off valves

Inspecting the sink piping

Performing a running test on drains and other plumbing fixtures

Inspecting the washing machine hoses

Visually inspecting the hot water tank to ensure there are no leaks or any other problems that could cause functionality issues

Checking all faucets for leaks

Remember, our certified service technicians will have all the parts and plumbing tools required to fix your plumbing issues right then and there. This means you never have to wait for a repair, rooter cleaning service, repiping, or any other plumbing-related project that appears after your inspection.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services

We provide competitively priced commercial and professional residential plumbing services. Make one phone call, and our plumbers will quote your repair, complete the appropriate plumbing service, or asses your plumbing needs for a later time.

Customers call us first because we are certified and more versatile than all of the other Sacramento Plumbers.

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions is available 24 hours a day to help with your plumbing needs.

Our professional plumbers perform routine drain maintenance, sewer cleaning, and emergency drain cleaning services. Our drain cleaning services include floor drains, downspouts, storm drains, sewer lines, and more.

We also offer drain pipe replacement, quality drain repairs, and new drain installation.

Emergency Plumbing

We understand that your business cannot afford to shut its doors. Similarly, we know how inconvenient residential plumbing emergencies can be. If your business or residential location is experiencing an unforeseen catastrophe, a professional plumbing company like Sacramento Plumbing Solutions should be called immediately.

We provide on-the-spot repairs, toilet replacement, sewer line repair, and a variety of low-cost emergency plumbing services in Sacramento. Our certified team always puts the customer first and all of our projects are completed right the first time.

Water Heater Installation & Repair

Replacing or repairing your hot water tank is a fairly large job. That doesn’t mean it has to be complicated, however. If you experiencing any of the following symptoms, you should consider a service call:

  • No hot water throughout the home
  • Hot water runs out quickly/heating is slow
  • Low pressure through hot water valves
  • Puddles of water found near your hot water tank
  • Discolored or odorous water
  • Water is extremely hot regardless of valve setting

If you are experiencing these symptoms don’t wait to call a plumber. Let us provide you with a quality hot water tank replacement or repair job.

Our certified specialists are dedicated to servicing residential and commercial clients. Let us address all of your hot water needs.

Just pick up the phone and contact us now.

Typical Plumbing Repairs & Maintenance

The most typical plumbing issues are clogged toilets and downpipes, leaky faucets and pipes, low water pressure, water tank issues, and a running toilet. Our plumbers can typically fix all of these issues with a single service call. Depending on the job, it may take more than one plumber to finish the job.

The plumbers at Sacramento Plumbing Solutions specialize in preventing large repairs by providing regular inspections. These routine maintenance inspections will help you identify aging pipes, clogs, low water pressure, and other issues that lead to major repairs.

Camera Inspection and Leak Detection

We are one of the few plumbers in Sacramento to offer state-of-the-art camera and leak detection services. Camera inspections are useful in residential and commercial applications because they cause no destruction.

Our video inspections can help identify if you have any of the following issues:

  • Cracked sewer lateral
  • Separated lateral joint
  • Root intrusion
  • Debris blockage
  • Bellied down line
  • Leaking water joints
  • Deteriorated piping materials

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions can determine the exact location and cause of the leak, which helps keep plumbing repair costs low.

Searching for Plumbers in Sacramento?

We are the preferred plumbers in Sacramento because our plumbers always go the extra mile and provide top-notch service. We have the best reviews, quality repairs, and respect every job like it is being completed in our own home or place of business.

Hire a Certified Plumbing Professional

There are countless reasons to hire a certified plumber from Sacramento Plumbing Solutions. For starters, our certified plumbers are required to complete annual and continuing education. They are also required to pass a lengthy plumbers exam, pass a criminal background check, and complete additional training courses.

Before hiring a plumber, you may want to verify their state license and insurance through the California State Licensing board. All of our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured.  Hiring unlicensed plumbers could be harmful to your wallet and health. 

Serving the Greater Sacramento CA Area

Looking for plumbers in Sacramento? Our highly skilled professionals are the number one service provider for the greater Sacramento CA area. All of our residential and commercial plumbing specialists at Sacramento Plumbing Solutions are certified and have exceptional reviews.