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Sacramento Gas Line Repair & Installation

We offer emergency gas line replacement, natural gas line replacement and we inspect your gas lines annually. Sacramento Plumbing Solutions is the preferred gas line repair/installation and conversion company in northern California.

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Gas Line Repair Service

It is essential to take extra caution when dealing with the gas line in your home. Even the slightest mistake while handling natural gas or propane could lead to serious consequences. That’s why we recommend working witth a  professional service provider with extensive gas pipe experience. With decades of combined experienced, Sacramento Plumbing Solutions has you covered with exper gas line repair services.

We offer the following gas line services and more:

Gas line installation

Gas line repair
New construction natural gas lines
Gas leak inspection
New line installs
Electric to CH4 conversion service

When you need help with water heaters, natural gas, or propane gas, we’ll send a fully licensed technician to your home to provide a safe solution.

Are you looking for a gas line repair or installation service? If so, call (916)275-4716 to get a fast and affordable quote for free.

How We Detect Natural Gas Leaks

The plumbers at Sacramento Plumbing Solutions are trained to detect even the most stubborn hard-to-find natural gas leak. We are also gas leak prevention experts. Let us routinely inspect your gas lines, water heater, and more to prevent costly bills from the gas company as a result of a gas leak.

If you have an old gas line run or corroded pipes, it may be time to replace the pipe before it starts to leak. Don’t wait for the gas meter to run faster than usual or the smell of rotten eggs otherwise you could be in danger.

You may have a gas leak if any of the symptoms below are present:

  • Presence of rotten egg or a sulfur smell
  • Consistent whistle or hissing noise
  • Malfunctioning range or stovetop
  • CO2 detectors start to beep
  • Increase in monthly bill

If any of these symptoms are present, call a natural gas leak specialist like Sacrament Plumbing Solutions. We specialize in natural gas detection, gas line installation, leak repair, and provide gas line repiping service.

Gas Leak Repair in Sacramento

A damaged gas line can be catastrophic for your business and your family. To prevent further problems always remember to act quickly. Before calling a professional to repair a leaking gas line, we recommend turning off the gas first.

We follow the steps below to repair gas line leaks:

  1. Turn off gas
  2. Remove gas line cover
  3. Detach low pressure/high-pressure lines
  4. Clean and scuff the line
  5. Attach new line and epoxy
  6. Cure epoxy
  7. Test new gas lines
  8. Reinstall covers

We repair all gas pipes including the ones listed here:

  • Steel pipes
  • Copper gas pipes
  • Brass gas lines
  • Black and galvanized steel
  • Corrugated stainless lines
  • PVC
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)

When addressing a gas line problem remember to hire a qualified professional. A licensed professional from Sacramento Plumbing Solutions will always arrive on time and will understand your code requirements. If you smell CH4, turn off your main gas line and call us today.

Gas Line Sizing Calculations

There are two traditional pipe sizing methods are the longest length and branch length. Proper line sizing allows your system to maintain the required minimum pressure drop. Let us help you get the line size calculations correct the first time. We know how to determine exactly what size of gas line is necessary and service Rancho Cordova.

When using the “longest length” method the pipe size for each section is determined by referring to the longest length of piping from the delivery point.

While using the “branch length” process, the pipe size for each section of the longest pipe run, from the delivery point to the furthest remote outlet, is determined by the longest length of pipe and the load demand of a section.

To decide what size pipe or gas line is needed, we may need to consider the following:

  • Maximum gas demand (BTU requirements)
  • Allowable loss – pressure to point of delivery
  • Diversity factor
  • Length of pipe and number of fittings
  • Spacial clearance
  • Material compatibility

The primary goal of determining the pipe size for the natural gas system is to make sure there is sufficient pressure at the inlet of each appliance.

Emergency Gas Line Repair

We make sure natural gas lines are safe and functional. Gas leaks can be dangerous and poisonous to occupants. Not to mention there is an explosion risk. If you have a gas leak at your house or business, we can help.

You may need an emergency repair if you say any of these signs:

  • Damaged pipes
  • Smell rotten eggs
  • Weak stove flames
  • Dying plants
  • Pilot lights going out
  • Lost hot water
  • Bubbles in water
  • Hissing or whistling near lines

Our emergency gas line repair services are comprehensive and affordable. We are efficient, professional, certified, and available 24 hours. Contact us today.