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Irrigation System Repair

Are you looking for irrigation repair? If so, Sacramento Plumbing Solutions provides affordable irrigation services in West Sacramento, Fair Oaks, and far beyond.

Call us you’re ready to update your old sprinkler systems or when you need someone to install a new irrigation network properly.

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Common Signs of a Broken Irrigation System

When your sprinkler system is functioning properly, it waters your landscape evenly. Once an irrigation system leaks or is otherwise broken, it will have a serious impact on your lawn’s health as well as appearance. If a significant leak is occurring near a building, eventually it will cause irreparable structural damage and you could need more than sprinkler repair.

It’s important to inspect your sprinkler system often to avoid property damage and to save water. You may need a sprinkler system repair if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Uneven sprinkler head spray

Abnormally high water bill

Leaking sprinkler heads
Pooling the yard/wet spots
Dying plants
Foundation cracks

Fast-moving water meter

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions offers garden sprinkler system services, installation, and inspection all throughout the Sacramento CA area. We have great communication, excellent reviews on Google and we provide free estimates.

Benefits of an Effective Sprinkler System

The right irrigation system install will save you time, money, energy all while lowering your stress. If you are tired of hand watering or just don’t want to drag the sprinkler to the other side of the house anymore, we can help.

A healthy irrigation system will improve property value, conserve water and prevent damage to the surrounding areas.

Conserve Groundwater

Groundwater helps replenish our lakes, rivers, and streams which support plants, fish, and animals. Certain species rely on groundwater so conserving it helps support people, food production, natural ecosystems, and jobs.

Practice groundwater conservation by following the three steps below:

  • Avoid excessive water use
  • Prevent and repair leaks from taps
  • Environmental conservation and tree planting

Reducing Water Bills

In Sacramento CA, we help reduce water bills by repairing irrigation systems, upgrading sprinkler heads, and installing new irrigation complexes in commercial and residential properties.

If water usage is your concern, call us today. We provide professional irrigation system services in Sacramento CA and offer free estimates.

Controlling Soil Moisture

Let us help you control solid moisture so you can enjoy a healthy plant, a greener yard, and reduce water waste. Soil moisture sensors also known as SMSs, are a common tool that helps homeowners and businesses achieve a more efficient water irrigation schedule because they override the schedule if the plants don’t need water.

Irrigation Automation

Automatic irrigation networks are convenient. People who travel or are away from the home for extended periods of time generally appreciate the ability to maintain their lawn without physically watering every square foot by hand.

Some of the benefits of installing an automated irrigation system are below:

  • Scheduling is programmable
  • Soil moisture control
  • Irrigation zone targeting
  • Water conservation

Smart Monitoring

There is a fine line between over-watering and underwatering. Smart monitoring helps prevent both situations and will save money. There are two types of smart irrigation system controls; weather-based- and soil-based. A weather-based system uses local weather info to make watering decisions while a soil-based unit makes decisions based on data gathered from the soil.

Proper monitoring will increase yields and leads to better plant growth in general.

Irrigation Maintenance Services

Your irrigation system is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn and topography. Something as simple as a misaligned sprinkler can cause dead patches in your yard and a system that isn’t pressurized correctly will waste water, time and so much more. Let us maintain your sprinkler network by winterizing, inspecting, and repairing leaks and damage quickly.

Some of the irrigation maintenance services we offer are below:

  • Sprinkler head repair/replacement
  • Leak repair
  • Mainline inspection
  • Zone adjustments
  • Coverage alterations
  • Growth removal
  • Rain sensor cleaning
  • Runtime calibration


Detecting Underground Irrigation Leaks

Fixing in-ground sprinkler leaks can be difficult and they could lead to a more significant yard or building damage if unseen for an extended period of time.

Let us help you detect a leak if you see any of the following signs of an underground water leak:

  • Cracked pavement or bulges in the driveway
  • Sinkholes or potholes in your yard
  • Low water pressure
  • A cracked foundation or wet spots
  • High water bill
  • Air or dirt in the water
  • Water in street
  • Unpleasant smell

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions helps residents detect underground leaks in El Dorado Hills, Citrus Heights, and the surrounding area. We have pipe detecting equipment and can help you avoid unnecessary digging.

Repairing & Replacing Broken Water Lines

Your underground water line will be PVC, galvanized steel, copper, CPVC, or PEX. At Sacramento Plumbing Solutions, we recommend replacing your broken water line with identical materials. If you think you may have a water line leak or need irrigation services in Sacramento, call us today for your free estimate.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and service in the Sacramento area.

Faulty Sprinkler Repair

Are you ready to fix faulty sprinkler heads? Do you live in Elk Grove or Rancho Cordova? If so, let us repair or replace your sprinklers affordably. We consider every job to be a top priority and value your business.

We repair the following kinds of sprinkler heads, and more:

  • Spray irrigation heads
  • Spray rotary sprinklers
  • Bubbler irrigation heads
  • Drip and soaker heads

Implementing Smart Irrigation Systems

Smart watering systems use WSNs or a wireless sensor network technology to gather, store and send sensory data. These sensors or “nodes” measure temperature, light, humidity, energy, and soil moisture. Based on data, the WSN sends specific amounts of water exactly where it’s needed and at the optimal time. This process elevates guesswork and ensures the highest quality product, yield, or bloom.

Before implementing or designing your smart irrigation system, consider the following:

  • How many square feet/acres need water
  • How many zones will you need
  • What kind of sprinkler heads will be used
  • Will the system be solar or battery powered
  • Do you have internet where WSNs will be placed

Implementing Low Flow Irrigation Systems

Do you want a low-flow lawn system in Rancho Cordova? If so, we install and repair systems that allow water to drip slowly. We can install a network of drip lines that either flows onto the dirt or directly into your plant’s roots through a network of pipes and hoses.

At Sacramento Plumbing Solutions, we know how to conserve water by avoiding runoff or loss of water to non-growth areas.

Sacramento Irrigation Repair Services

When you need landscape irrigation repair and service in Sacramento, call us first.

We specialize in residential and commercial irrigation and we warranty our installations. No irrigation service is too big or too small for us to repair or fix. Our technicians are highly knowledgeable and we provide award-winning customer service.