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Repiping Services

Generally speaking, Sacramento Plumbing Solutions suggests repiping your home when simple repairs aren’t enough to correct significant problems. When performing plumbing services, we may have to peel back some drywall to gain access to the problem areas and install new pipes.

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Sacramento Repipe Specialists

At Sacramento Plumbing Solutions our team of specialists will walk you through every step of the project. Our service team can easily identify discolored water, corrosion, repairs, and other plumbing or water heater issues. Call Sacramento Plumbing Solutions if you think your home has a leak, old water pipes, or needs any kind of plumbing repair.

Remember, do not ignore signs of initial water damage, and always hire a plumber with the proper license to replace your piping.

We are known as the number one repiping company in Sacramento because we complete our work on schedule and we never leave behind a mess. We are the most efficient, cost-effective and can usually repipe your entire family home or business in a few days. We are also experts at repiping a single leak, shower, or entire galvanized plumbing system quickly. Homeowners contact us first because we provide free quotes and our team provides the most professional plumbing service in town.

PEX vs Copper Pipe

Copper pipe advantages:

  • Copper lasts longer than PEX and can last up to 70 years.

Copper pipe disadvantages:

  • Copper pipes are costlier – usually at least 40% to 50% more than PEX for the same sq. ft. home.
  • Copper piping is rigid, requires more connections, and must be cut to size. More connections and cutting means more labor.
  • Copper is more likely to freeze and/or break in older/poorly insulated areas.

Polyethylene pipe advantages:

  • Repiping is more flexible and can be snaked through finished walls without the need to cut out drywall.
  • PEX piping requires less cutting, connections, and can be installed with a single run of piping from the manifold.
  • PEX pipes offer a central shutoff panel.

PEX repiping disadvantages:

  • PEX pipe does not last as long as copper.

In many Sacramento repiping applications, PEX piping provides the most advantages. Not to mention Polyethylene pipes are more environmentally friendly. Additionally copper is a conductor and wastes at least 15% more energy than plastic because of the heat lost on the way to your showerhead.

Contact us online or call now for a price check on repair or replacement services for both products.

We Offer Whole House PEX Repiping to the Sacramento CA area

After we complete a whole-home repipe, you will have entirely new plumbing. This is a large project, but one that will likely last you a lifetime after it is completed.

Customers should consider a whole-home repipe service if their systems are outdated with lead pipes, if they’re constantly paying for plumbing services, replacement parts, or just want better quality pipe installed for worry-free living.

Repiping FAQs

What is involved in repiping a house?

After we select the best pipe materials to work with, our plumber may have to secure a service permit from the local government. During the construction process, your home’s water service will need to be temporarily shut off and holes are cut into your drywall to allow access to pipes that need replacing.

Our plumbers work during the day, so water-related evening routines shouldn’t be affected much.

How much does repiping a house cost in Sacramento?

Sacramento repiping costs vary depending on a variety of factors. It could range from $4000 – $15000. Costs depend on the size of the home, the plumbing network, and the type of water piping installed. Any building permits will need to be a factor in the costs as well. 

How long does it take to finish a repipe job?

A quality repipe can take anywhere from a few days up to an entire week. Smaller water systems can be repiped in as little as two days, while large homes with multiple bathrooms can take a lot longer.

Is repiping required when you have corrosion on galvanized pipes?

Call our repipe specialists at Sacramento Plumbing Solutions if you think you have galvanized pipes. Corrosive galvanized pipes cause water discoloration, leaks, low water pressure, uneven water distribution, and more.

These are some of the most common reasons to repipe any water distribution system.

Does repiping help fix water pressure issues?

If you are experiencing low flow, a repipe will likely restore your pressure. A proper repipe job will fix leaks or corrosion which are often what cause low pressure, temperature differential, and other plumbing issues.