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Sewer Camera Inspection in Sacramento

Video Line Plumbing & Rooter Clog Locating

Some drain clog problems can seem like a mystery. If you have a sewer drain problem that seems to recur periodically, Plumbing Solutions can help you get to the origin of the problem by performing a video inspection of your sewer and drains. Without excavating your yard, we can determine if your problems stem from a corroded, damaged, or broken pipe, root growth, buildup, or a foreign object clogging the pipe. Using a high-tech camera, our licensed plumbers can also pinpoint the exact location of the stoppage faster and more accurately, saving you time and effort.

Request a sewer camera inspection in Sacramento at (916) 275-4716. We also serve clients throughout Sacramento and Placer counties.


How Our Cameras Work

A sewer video camera is a small, sophisticated piece of equipment that fits perfectly inside a pipeline. It also has a long cable, allowing the camera to go further down the line as it searches for the source of the sewer line problem. Above ground, the video feed is transmitted to a monitor, where we view in real time the inside of the pipeline and determine its exact condition.

The advantages of using sewer camera inspection include:

  • No need for guesswork or unnecessary excavation
  • Faster and more accurate sewer diagnoses
  • A more affordable service than traditional pipeline inspections

Whether you are noticing recurring problems or just want to check your sewer lines as part of your annual maintenance, our Sacramento plumbers can schedule your sewer camera inspection right away. We also ensure a full explanation of our findings and reliable, cost-effective recommendations.


Plumbing Solutions serves clients in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills and throughout Sacramento and Placer counties. Call us now to schedule a service.