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Leak Detection in Sacramento

Accurately Finding & Fixing Leaks

Leak problems may seem minor, but in reality, they can cost you more than you think. In severe conditions, leak problems may lead to stained walls, poor water quality, flooding, mold, and more. That is why getting the most professional plumbing maintenance and services is a must. Are you looking for the best leak detection services near you? If yes, then Plumbing Solutions is your best option in Placer and Sacramento counties. We are a leading plumbing company known for providing consistently exceptional workmanship, lasting results, and overall outstanding service. Count on us to do the same when you schedule leak detection and repair services today.

 Dial (916) 275-4716 or submit an online contact form to be serviced by our Sacramento leak detection specialists!

Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

Even a small water leak in your building can cause severe damage and costly repairs, so it is crucial to get the leak fixed right away before it’s too late. Hidden water leaks are more dangerous and damaging as they can persist with water damage for a longer period.

6 signs to call our Sacramento leak detection professionals:

  • You receive unusually high water bills every month
  • The water meter in your building runs all the time
  • You notice strange musty odors
  • Your ceilings or walls are becoming droopy or discolored
  • You notice there are stubborn and water-loving bugs
  • You hear unusual noises coming from your plumbing system

Benefits of Leak Detection Services

If you are thinking about trying to locate and fix your water leaks yourself, we strongly advise against it. Apart from being a challenging task, leak detection can also put you in danger, especially when the water leak turns out to be located near electrical outlets. We recommend enlisting the help of our professional technicians to safely handle your leaks.

Professional leak detection has many advantages including:

  • Saves you time – At Plumbing Solutions, we have the tools and experience to ensure fast, accurate leak detection. We take out the guesswork or the need for laborious excavation, saving you time and money.
  • Ensures accurate results – Using professional and advanced tools, we can tell you exactly where the leak is located, how big it is, and what solutions can ensure lasting results.
  • Decreases your monthly water bills – The only reason for increasing water bills, especially when there is no change in your water usage, is pipe leaks.

While some leaks like pipe bursts under the kitchen sink are easy to spot, if you have a slab leak, you need to call Plumbing Solutions. A leaking pipe under your concrete foundation could cost you more than you think as it is quite impossible to detect this type of leak earlier without the help of professional plumbers.

Sewer Line Leaks

Do you hear gurgling sound whenever you flush toilets? It’s likely you have a sewer leak problem. Fortunately, Plumbing Solutions can help you eliminate this problem as well. We use a video camera to inspect and test your sewer line to find the origin of the leak.

Here are some of other warning signs of sewer leaks:

We Also Handle Gas Leaks

Gas line leaks are by far the most dangerous kinds of leaks you can face on your property. But don’t worry—knowing the warning signs of gas line leaks can help you get immediate assistance.

Some of these signs include:

  • A strong and unpleasant smell of rotten eggs
  • Abnormally high gas bills
  • The pilot light of your stove is repeatedly blowing out
  • There is a blue gas flame instead of the orange ones
  • There is an unusual sound when you get close to the gas line

Get a Qualified Sacramento Leak Detection Specialist Today

Are you looking for the most qualified leak detection professional? Plumbing Solutions is here to assist you no matter what leak problem you are facing. From obvious water leaks to slab leaks, sewer line leaks, and gas leaks, we can identify and repair them all quickly and efficiently. Our local plumbing team proudly serves Sacramento and Placer counties including Roseville, Folsom, Placerville, El Dorado Hills and beyond.

Contact us at (916) 275-4716 or online to solve your water and gas leak problems fast!