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Main Water Line Services in Sacramento

The water line is your only source of clean water

Your water service is the most important utility that is run into your home. While losing electricity or air conditioning can be uncomfortable, losing water service is detrimental. Water can also cause extensive damage in the form of leaks or pipe bursts. Keeping your main water line in working order is important to your health and the protection of your home. Older homes can be especially vulnerable to damage from errant water or burst pipes. At Plumbing Solutions we know the threat that having old water lines poses to your home.

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Dangers of Water Main Leaks

Problems with main water lines are so serious because they can be costly when they fail. Not only can water main pipe repairs be expensive, the damage that can be caused by leaks and pipe bursts can also be serious. Homeowners are on the hook for the cost of water that is wasted by leaks as well as damage done to their homes and landscapes. Moisture that is the result of leaks or pipe bursts can cause a variety of issues such as:

DAMAGE TO WALLS AND FLOORS: Pipe bursts can quickly flood homes and cause floors to buckle, ruining aesthetic floor finishes like laminate. Water damage can also cause the drywall to fall apart, leading to costly repairs of all affected walls.

ENCOURAGING MOLD AND FUNGUS GROWTH: Excess moisture causes mold and fungus to grow. Mold and fungus can start to decompose portions of your home as well as contaminate the air without your realizing it.

STRUCTURAL DAMAGE: Leaks often make their way down to the lowest portions of your home. The wooden supports that comprise the structural members of your home can become damaged by rot or wood-eating insects that are attracted to the moisture.

Making quick repairs when you notice a leak can be the difference between a small repair bill and an insurance claim!

At Plumbing Solutions we understand what is at stake when you have a pipe burst in your home. We will respond quickly and professionally to fix any problems you may encounter.

Comprehensive Water Line Service

It’s easy to let small leaks go unnoticed. However, a water main pipe repair should be done immediately. Not only can it pour gallons of water into your home, but also it can stop the flow of water completely. In older homes, or at least in homes with older fixtures, it can be common to have leaks in sinks, showers, and outdoor hose bibs. Cold temperatures can also lead to frozen outside hose bibs, which is why keeping up with routine care is essential.

When it comes to water line services, we offer two solutions, main water line repair, and replacement. If your water main is damaged because of tree roots, construction work, or shifting soil, we can often repair it or reline it. However, if you’re faced with a main water line replacement issue like a burst pipe or old plumbing, a more extensive service is needed.

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