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Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

Sacramento Plumbing Solutions provides water heater repair, water heater maintenance, and water heater replacement to the greater Sacramento area. We service tankless water heaters, commercial hot water heaters, and every type of electric hot water heater on the market. There are multiple easy and low-cost ways to increase a hot water heater’s efficiency and lifespan.

Repair Services

Let us repair your water heater today. We repair gas and electric tankless and traditional water heaters. Clients call us for Sacramento water heater repair because we are local, family-owned and we only hire the most professional certified plumbers.

When you need help with a hot water heater problem, we can help with any of the following services and more:

    Adding insulation
    Temperature calibration/resetting
    Tank flush
    Inspecting anode rod
    Leaky water heater
    Water heater repairs
    Not enough water
    Heating element inspection
    Water heater tank replacement

    Maintenance Services

    Our plumbers keep each vehicle stocked so your water heater issues can be repaired quickly. Many water heaters fail due to old age and poor maintenance. Leaks from the heater bottom cannot be repaired while gas controls, valves, and gas controls, and stands can be repaired fairly quickly. Don’t forget to hire a plumber to annually inspect the anode rod for excessive corrosion. When you are experiencing a corrosion issue, we can help. We are the preferred Sacramento plumbing company because we provide comprehensive water heater repairs and beyond competitive pricing.

    We repair common and uncommon water heater damage, including the following:

    • Node rod replacement
    • Fixing broken dip tubes
    • Faulty burner restoration
    • Replacing failed heating elements
    • Leaking gas connections
    • Systems overloads
    • Exhaust blockage
    • Corroded gas burner
    • Water leaks
    • Mineral build-up
    • Thermostat issues

      Repairing vs Replacing a Water Heater

      It’s never easy to determine when to replace an expensive appliance. If the cost of your water heater repair is 50% or more of the value of a replacement heater tank, then you should replace it, rather than repair it.

      Some more reasons to consider water heater replacement instead of repair are below:


      • The water heater model is out of service
      • Parts are unavailable
      • Cost and frequency of repair
      • Efficiency breakdown

        How much does it cost to repair a water heater?

        Some water heater repairs are quick, easy, and inexpensive. If you have an older plumbing network and an aged H2O tank, event the smaller issues can cause a chain reaction and increase the amount of labor and parts needed to resolve the issue. Some repairs may cost less than $100, while others could be as high as $1,000 or more. The type of repair, location, and time needed to perform the repair is the biggest cost drivers. We offer a free home inspection to determine if your hot water heater is worth repairing or replacing.

          Water Heaters We Fix

          We fix all commercial and residential water heaters. When there is not enough hot water, you can count on our water heater services. We help you become more energy-efficient by optimizing your water heater network.

          We fix all kinds of water heaters, including the ones below:

          • Tankless water heater
          • Conventional hot water heaters
          • Solar water heaters
          • Heat pump H2O heater
          • Condensing water heater

            Electric Water Heater Repair

            The most common problem with an electric water heater is caused by a failed heating element. The heating element is an inexpensive part that is fairly easy to replace. Additional electric water heater repairs are caused by the following below:

            • Improper settings
            • High water pressure
            • Lack of tank maintenance
            • Old age

            Gas Water Heater Repair

            When your gas water heater isn’t working, check the pilot light first. If the pilot light is out, start by following the instructions posted on the tank to relight it. A dead pilot light is the most common gas water tank issue.

            Additional common gas tank repairs are below:

            • Blocked gas valve
            • Defective thermocouple
            • Low gas pressure
            • Air in the gas line
            • Broken ignitor button
            • Gas leaks

            Gas water tanks can be difficult to diagnose, but we can help you identify and repair even the toughest plumbing problems with ease. Call Sacramento Plumbing Solutions for your water heater services today.

            Tankless Water Heater Repair

            Tankless water heater repairs are less likely to occur because these water heaters are more reliable. After about 15 to 20 years, some form of repair is inevitable. With routine maintenance, you can reduce the frequency and overall cost to own a tankless water heater, however.

            You may need a tankless water heater repair if you are experiencing the following:


            • Lack of hot water
            • Fluctuating temperature
            • Leaking pipe
            • Inconsistent water pressure
            • Incorrect thermostat settings

            Heat Pump Water Heater Repair

            If you have a heat pump water heater, always hire a licensed professional to repair or diagnose the unit. If you are seeing discolored water, high operating costs, or have a rotten egg smell, you may need a repair. Sacramento Plumbing Solutions in Sacramento CA provides repair for the following heat pump water heater problems and more:

            • TRP valve repair
            • Excessive noise
            • No hot water
            • Dripping water
            • Atmospheric temperature drops
            • Failed pumps
            • Milky water